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Greetings Friend!


My name is Loreal Arscott, and I'm running to be your next State Representative for Florida House District 107. I'm running because I believe we need to put our community first. I'm running because I believe our state legislature can be better.


As a lifelong resident of District 107—which includes Miami Gardens, North Miami Beach, North Miami, and surrounding communities—I've seen how our state legislature has become divisive and has been utilized by our governor to weaken our schools, our civil rights, and our public safety. Yet despite this barrage of attacks on our liberties, I’ve also seen how our residents have persevered and carried on through it all.


I'm running because I know we can do better for our families and this community. I know we can elevate our community to accomplish its best. We can create housing affordability; we can improve our quality of life; and we can protect the most vulnerable members of our community, our seniors and our children.


The Florida House of Representatives should be reflective of the ideas, desires, and needs of the residents of our state. While we may disagree on some issues, the Florida House of Representatives should reflect the widely diverse residents it serves. I desire to serve in a Florida House of Representatives that truly serves the people of Florida. I plan on leading that charge with the support of my community.


That's why I'm running, and I would be honored to have your support.



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